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Diversity and inclusion is known to promote performance and productivity which in turn, improves profitability. We help organizations achieve the above benefits with a customized diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Our Approach

Carried out in an empathy based environment, our Workplace Transformation Framework features 5 steps of achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace. Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy before performing an organizational assessment, and training members is an ineffective approach.

Step 1. AssessmentAssess your team on matters of Diversity and Inclusion? Is your workplace culture positive and transformative?

Step 2. Awareness - Elevate your team's awareness with our 12 workplace culture accelerating modules/transformational tools

Step 3. Alignement - Review and revise existing organizational policies, and procedures to align with the knowledge acquired in the awareness step

Step 4. Action - Start creating your Diversity & Inclusion strategy by incorporating a diverse and inclusive organizational policies. Compare the new strategy with the old one or the old policies to determine compliance with steps 2 and 3

Step 5. Advocacy - Using the concept of learning from experience, leaders now demonstrate accountability, transparency and authenticity, while understanding and supporting, the newly created Diversity and Inclusion strategy to include positive community participation

Diversity & Inclusion Courses

We offer online/ virtual and in-person sessions. Our courses focus on all employees, workplace leadership as well as community and police service.

All sessions are held in an empathy based environment. 

All Employee Workplace Courses

These courses are for both leaders and non leaders in an organization

  1. Unconscious Bias

  2. Racial and other forms of discrimination

  3. Difficult conversations about race and gender

  4. Skills of inclusive conversations

  5. Creating a positive workplace culture

  6. Inclusive branding and marketing

  7. R.O.I (return On Intention) of Diversity and Inclusion

  8. Deep Diversity Immersion

Workplace Leadership Courses 

These courses are for existing leaders and those identified for future organizational leadership

  1. Inclusive Leadership

  2. Leadership bravery in combating systemic discrimination

  3. Inclusive employee recruiting

  4. Inclusive employee retention

Community and Police Service Courses

These courses are for the police force and communities that are looking forward to be more inclusive

  1. Unconscious Bias

  2. Inclusive Communities

  3. Inclusive police service

  4. Racial and other forms of discrimination

  • How do we get started with Diversity & Inclusion?
    It is vital to hire an independent contractor to assess your workplace culture, employee involvement in hiring, retention, promotion, wage, and leadership policies to get started with Diversity and Inclusion. From here, most contractors will provide your organization with findings of your assessment and recommend various training that can educate the various teams on the areas that require improvement. After the training, the organization should proceed with creating a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for the entire organization.
  • Why is Assessment and Awareness Important Before Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy?
    Think of it as a surgeon performing surgery to replace a broken hip. If the surgeon is trained and qualified, the results are highly likely to be excellent; if they are not, the results will be catastrophic! Assessments show the organizations where the darkness exists while awareness/training illuminates the dark paths so that travellers can travel safely
  • Which one is right? Diversity and Inclusion or Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging"?
    Remember that you cannot achieve Inclusion without components of justice or fairness, including the attributes of equity and creating safe spaces for others (belonging). It is fair to note that it is repetitive to have both Equity & Inclusion in your wording. It is therefore fitting to simply have Diversity & Inclusion.
  • How Long Does All the 12 Awareness/ Training Modules Take?
    Any organization can finish all the training within 4 days! Other organizations have achieved this goal by having 3 trainings once a month for 4 months. It is really up to the organization to decide how fast they want to achieve the awareness goal as it influences the duration it will take before an organizational Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy is created!
  • Which Organizations are CCG's Ideal Diversity and Inclusion Clients?
    Capability Career Group works with all kinds of organizations. From small, mid-sized to large, we serve them all. For various Not-for-Profit and Calgary Police Service, we met their needs by creating custom made awareness courses/workshops
  • Is Funding Available For Organizations to Train Employees on Diversity and Inclusion Services?
    Considering that all our awareness modules/courses/workshops have 42 hours altogether, most organizations within Alberta can qualify for the CANADA-ALBERTA JOB GRANT to pay up to 75% of employer incurred costs of training for each employee. The process includes first paying Capability Career Group for the training of each employee then requesting a refund from the funders before your first training date begins. Please check this link for funding details Please note that this information is not a guarantee that your organizations will receive funding to facilitate the awareness stage of your Diversity & Inclusion pursuits
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